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    ​As your local fence contractors, we understand that choosing the right fence for your property, home, or business is no less important than designing the perfect fencing solution. Having been in the fencing business for over a decade, we are more than familiar with the problems and complications that can arise and are prepared to deal with them and bring quick solutions to complicated problems. Our operation is locally owned and we service all of Braintree, MA and the South Shore towns. Our specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with fences of all styles and materials.

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    South Shore Fence Experts

    Welcome to our website! If you’ve found your way here then you’ve likely been wondering “what are some of the best fencing companies near me?” Well if you’re in the greater Boston area, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Braintree Fence Pros it’s our job to provide you, the homeowners, with the best quality fence post repair, vinyl fencing, and wood fence repair and installation that you’ll find on the market.

    Types of fences we offer with our professional fence installation services include:

    • Slatted chain link fencing
    • Vinyl Fencing
    • Galvanized chain link fences
    • Ornamental aluminum
    • Picket fences
    • Baluster fences
    • Scalloped baluster fences
    • Security cages
    • Temporary fencing
    • Swimming pool fences
    • Ornamental gates
    • Gate Installation
    • And a whole lot more!

    Whether you need a fence for privacy that allows you to enjoy your yard without worrying about the prying eyes of the outside world, or you need a defined border to mark your property line, or you need a safe space where you kids can play in the yard without having to worry, we’ll be able to set you up with just what you need. From practicality to aesthetics, we’ve got you covered.

    Getting the right fence put in will not only improve the curb value of your home, but it’ll enhance your quality of living and give you greater pride in your place of residence. With our services you’ll be able to get the best quality fences for the most affordable prices, with your pick of material and design to achieve just the right fit for your home.

    For those who’ve done their homework, we’ll be right on getting you the fence you’ve planned out. And for those who are new to getting fences built, we’ll walk you through the process step by step so you can get the fence that best suits your needs without being overwhelmed by the variety of choices that are out there. We’re here to serve!



    Choose Us as Your Fence Builder

    Zoning laws often vary a lot in different postal code areas, which is another great reason to leave the job to licensed professionals instead of trying to do it on your own and accidentally breaking some of the zoning laws that may cause you trouble down the line. We at Braintree Fence Pros have been building, installing and repairing fences all over the Greater Boston area for over a decade and are fully aware of all stipulations regarding zoning laws. You can count on us to get the job done properly, efficiently and swiftly.

    By choosing us to install your fence you’re making an investment in the future of your home that will greatly increase its value and curb appeal, not to mention make it a place more enjoyable to live in and a place you can be proud of.

    Whether you’re looking to get a chain link fence, a vinyl fence, an ornamental metal fence, or the classic popular wooden fences, we’re the ones for the job and you can be sure that we’ll land you with just the right fence for your property and your needs.  ​

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    Client Testimonials

    "From initial consultation to the fence installation exceeded my expectations. Great quality and good pricing for the amount of fence we had installed."

    Jill T.

    "My fence looks amazing! They returned my call right away and I had a quote within hours of them coming out and measuring everything. I am very please with how professional they were."

    ​Matt J.

    "A section of my fence fell down during the last storm. They repaired that section very quickly and repaired the posts. Everything looks great! I would recommend this company to anyone. "

    ​Linda G.

    Fence Repair

    Each fence is under constant exposure to the elements, and different kinds of fence materials handle it differently. Some need maintenance more than others, but one thing is for sure. All fences need repair and maintenance from time to time.

    Vinyl, wood and chain link fences are the types of fences that often need work done to correct fallen panels and leaning fence posts caused either by impact, soil erosion or high winds. Soil erosion will generally cause bigger problems, and will likely need experts like us to help create a drainage system that’s suitable for your situation.

    Wooden fences are also often affected by insect damage, rot and mildew. These are problems we can easily correct for you by removing the damaged sections of your fence and using caulk to correct it, after which we’ll apply a fresh coat of paint to help avoid the problem from recurring in the future.

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    Contact Your Local Braintree Experts for

    ​​Fence Installation and Repairs

    Vinyl Fence Repair

    Sometimes vinyl fences can be susceptible to staining, which is something that we can easily solve with our specialized disinfectants for your vinyl fence.

    If left without maintenance for long periods of time, being exposed to the elements will often cause rust to occur on metal and chain link fences. If the damage isn’t too extensive, we can solve this problem with some simple brushing and rust removal products. If the damage has gotten out of hand, we can always replace the damaged sections of your fence with brand new material.

    At the end of the day, fences need maintenance and getting a professional service to fix your fence from time to time will help your fence last longer, look good, and be a real asset to your property. Whether you’ve got a vinyl fence, wooden fence, chain link or ornamental iron fence, we’ve got the knowledge, experience and equipment to fix it, fortify it and make sure it lasts and stands strong for years to come.

    Browse through our site to get a look at some pictures and examples of fences we’ve worked on so you can get a good picture of our work and what to expect. We find it very important that each and every one of our customers feels safe and confident with our services so you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get the full quality that you bargained for.

    So if you’re in the market for a professional fence repair service in Braintree, MA, you’ve come to the right place!

    Residential Fencing

    You may have been searching for “fencing contractors near me” to tackle installing or repairing a fence for the property around your home. If so, there are always a few things to take into consideration.

    You’ll want to see how much experience your potential contractors have got and how long they’ve been on the job. It’s pretty much always better to hire seasoned veterans of the trade rather than the new kids on the block. You can generally expect that the longer a fencing contracting company has been on the job, the greater their experience and the better the job.

    Finding a company that’s easy to communicate with and that puts you at ease as a homeowner is very important. It’ll make the entire process of fence installation or repair smooth, easy and problem-free. When a contractor isn’t clear in their explanations, or is difficult to communicate with, it can make the whole ordeal feel a lot more tedious than it really needs to be. That’s why here at Braintree Fence Pros we always make sure that our customers are in the loop and understand exactly what their options are. Communication is key!

    Fence Installation

    You are likely not a fence installation expert yourself, so you’ll want to find someone that clearly knows what they’re doing so you can comfortably trust that they’ll get the job done well. You’ll naturally want to get as much longevity out of your fence as possible. Nobody wants a fence that lasts a couple of seasons and then needs to be replaced. A good company will have the experience and knowledge to find quick solutions to any problems that may arise while building a new fence. It’s also essential that your contractor has a working knowledge of the available options when it comes to materials, designs, and styles so you can get the fence that suits you best.

    A trustworthy and reliable fencing contractor will be insured and licensed, and will also likely have some kind of certification or testimonials to show that they really know what they’re doing.

    The good news for you is that we’ve got all these points covered! Having been in the business for over 10 years, we can confidently say that by hiring us to take care of your residential fencing you’re making a wise investment that will pay off for years to come.

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    Types of Fences we Install

    When it comes to options, we’ve got plenty! We work with all types of materials and many different styles. These are a few of the fencing types that we work with most often:

    ·     Wood Fences are more often than not the type of fence that comes to might when people think of a residential fence. Wooden fences are the embodiment of a cozy, family home that offer your property some aesthetic enclosure and privacy. A well-crafted wooden fence will definitely increase your home’s curb appeal and hike property value.

    There are several types of wood that make for good fence material, but one of the sturdiest and most popular is cedar. Many different styles can be made of wood too, like privacy fences, picket fences etc.

    ·     Vinyl Fencing is an attractive way to achieve defined property boundaries and home security. Vinyl fences, as well as vinyl coated fences, are durable, secure, safe, and come in multiple designs and styles allowing you to find the one that suits your home the best. These fences are easy to upkeep and don’t need a whole lot of maintenance or repair too often.

    ·     Chain-link/metal fencing is a practical and often more affordable option for squaring off your property and insuring safety without blocking the view from the other side if that’s what you’re going for. These are a popular option for both residential fencing and commercial fencing.

    ·     Wrought iron fences and gates will automatically add class and prestige to any property they decorate. These not only look good, but are some of the sturdiest and longest lasting fences out there. With these you’ll need the least amount of repair and maintenance and they’re guaranteed to last you for years and years.

    With each fence built we can ensure top quality craftsmanship and transparent and smooth customer service that will leave you more than satisfied with the new addition to your home or property.

    So what’re you waiting for? Get in touch with us today by giving us a call and we’ll start planning the best fence for you!

    You can also fill out the form on our site for a free quote.

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    We provide all fencing services in Braintree, Quincy, Weymouth, South Weymouth, Randolph, Holbrook, Avon, Rockland, Stoughton, Abington and more.