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Since fences are on the co-called “frontline” of your property, they take a lot of beating from passing cars, dirt, and the weather in the form of wind, rain and hail. Damage can also occur from accidents, things crashing into or falling on your fence, or pets constantly trying to clamber over them.

After a while the wear and tear can start to make your fence droop and become unsteady, and even collapse completely. That’s when you’ll want to get your fence fixed or replaced so you can get your property back to its original safe and orderly state.

We offer to not just bring your fence back to its original state, but improve it and make it stronger so it can last longer.

Take a look at your fence today and see what state it’s in. Is it falling or leaning at any points? Is it moving in places where it shouldn’t? These are all signs that you might want to give us a call and get it fixed.

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    Fence Post Repair and Replacements

    One of the most important parts of any fence are the fence posts. These provide the whole thing with stability and sturdiness, and if these go down, the whole thing falls.

    Wooden fence posts often encounter trouble at their base, where rot can tend to set in and weaken the integrity of the beam. This makes the wood soft and causes it to corrode more and more as time goes on. Sometimes the ground may get loose and the post simply becomes unstable.

    Whatever the issue way be, we’ve got the solution for it. We’ve replaced and repaired countless fence posts in the 10 years we’ve been on the job and are ready to bring you a solution to your fence post problem.

    Some of the solutions that work for various fence post issues include

    ·        Concrete fence repair spurs

    ·        Drive-in fence post spikes

    ·        Metal repair spurs

    ·        Fence bolt downs

    Using these different techniques we’ll be able to secure your fence posts well enough to significantly decrease the chances of the same issue occurring again anytime in the near future.

    Fence Upgrades

    So maybe you’ve already got a fence that’s fairly functional and doesn’t necessarily need any urgent repairs. But perhaps you’d like to add some upgrades to improve your fence so you can get more out of your fence, allowing it to better compliment your property and serve more purposes.

    Possible fence upgrades go all the way from adding height and filling in spaces for increased privacy, to a fresh sanding and finish to make your fence look brand new. There are a whole lot of things you can do to make that fence either look better or be more useful.

    So get in touch with us today so we can get started on helping you improve your home with a fresh new fence! Head on over to the form on our website and fill it out for a free quote! We look forward to working with you.