Privacy Fence Installation for Braintree, MA

Choosing what type of new fence you want installed on your property might feel like something you’re unfamiliar with, and for a lot of people the amount of selection and choices that need to be made might feel like a lot. Depending on whether you’re looking to get a fence for decoration, privacy, to keep animals out, or to keep pets or kids from wandering out onto the road, you’ll need to decide between rail length, materials to use, design style, picket width, the right choice of gate and more. It can be hard to figure out where to begin and what to tackle first.

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    Wood Fence Installation

    Our local fence company makes sure that each and every one of our customers is presented with decisions and options in an order that’s clear and easy to follow, making the whole ordeal a lot easier to handle and getting rid of a huge amount of stress.

    One of the first choices you’ll need to make is what kind of material you’re going to use. Your budget and purpose for getting the fence will be the main factors in helping you decide what material you’ll use.

    Wood is often preferred, since it’s a versatile material which is easier to paint and freshen up than other materials. The look and feel of wood is timeless and many people will opt for getting wood fencing. All materials have pros and cons, and the one thing you’ll need to keep in mind with a wood fence is that it needs more maintenance than other materials.

    Vinyl Fence Installation

    Vinyl is lightweight, durable and the most affordable option when it comes to materials. It looks good and doesn’t need much maintenance besides the occasional cleaning. If you like the look of picket fences or closed-slat designs, vinyl might be the one you’ll want to pick. Vinyl can tend to get brittle over the years, but replacement pieces for vinyl fences are easy to come by and won’t cost you too much.

    As far as durability and containment, chain-link fences pretty much make their way to the top of the list. Cost-efficient and easy to maintain and put up, these are definitely a practical choice. Some people aren’t too fond of the way they look, but that’s simply personal preference. If you’re looking for privacy, however, then this might not be the choice for you.

    Steel or aluminum fences are just about the sturdiest and longest lasting fences out there. Besides the occasional painting, these fences don’t need too much attention as far as maintenance and are bound to last you for years and years. You can opt for a lighter, thinner metal fence, or go all the way with a thick, sturdy steel fence.